How to Catch a Hog: The Sow That Got Caught Twice


So if you’ve kept up with our blog, you will have noticed we’ve been testing different methods in our attempts to Catch Hogs in the Orange Groves that surround our home.  Hogs are a nuisance to the Grove owners because they destroy irrigation pipes and damage trees by destroying their roots. Our methods so far […]


Florida Orange Jelly


If you grew up or spent any meaningful amount of your youth in Florida, you might have noticed that Oranges are not the beautiful perfectly colored leather spheres they portray in the commercials. They are downright ugly-looking.  But like so many things, looks can be deceiving.  These Oranges are perfect globes of pure sweetness and […]



How to Catch a Hog: How to Use a Snare

In the last few days, I had noticed some Hog activity in a new area where they hadn’t really been before. Hogs are considered a nuisance wildlife and their trapping is encouraged in our area. So yesterday, I dragged The Wife and The Son out for a walk to set out my new Hold-A-Hawg Spring […]

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Benefits of Homesteading in Florida

Though the weather has taken another chilly turn in the last few days, it was still a gorgeous day here in Central Florida.  One of the benefits of Homesteading in Florida is the mild weather year round. Our move to the Homestead was not as drastic as other people’s, our move was only from South […]

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The Accidental Pig Farmer: What is a Gilt, a Boar, and a Barrow

So you might recall, we traded a goat for some pigs and suddenly we are pig farmers again. This time on purpose. We have two Gilts and a Barrow.  Now before you ask me the way to The Shire, I’ll explain a little further. What in the World is a Gilt? A gilt is a […]

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New Sunday Morning Tradition on The Homestead

One of my favorite new Sunday Morning tradition, which we have started this year, is an early walk around the property.  Each week, The Beekeeper, our son and I gear up in our muck boots, no real task at hand other than maybe collecting a few eggs for breakfast, and have some quality play time […]

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In the spirit of the season, I wanted to list out some of our 2015 Farm Goals. BEES: We are down to two hives at the moment and although they are doing well enough, we would like to see that number increased. GARDEN & ORCHARD: We are preparing the grounds for our Garden and Orchard.  […]

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How Our Two Year Old Learned To Write: Homeschooling Update

Our son is just about two and a half years old now and I wanted to check in on our Pre(Home)School Progress.  These check ins are meant for us to share what has worked for us and what hasn’t and serve as a memoir for us to look back on in the future. How Our Two Year Old […]

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Beef Bone Broth in a Pressure Cooker

How to Make Beef Bone Broth in a Pressure Cooker

I recently had occasion to purchase some Beef Marrow Bones and I could not pass up the opportunity to try my hand at making Beef Bone Broth. Now this is not the first time I make Bone Broth. I’ve made Chicken Bone Broth and even a Turkey Bone Broth but I had never tried Beef […]

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feather sex

How to Feather Gender Day Old Chicks

This week we were granted to opportunity to bring home 27 day old Rhode Island Red Chicks.  I had been planning a purchase of 25 or so birds from one of the hatcheries in the next month which we more than likely will still follow through with if things continue as planned.   But being […]

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