How to Make Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls


So after our trip out to the Pumpkin Patch and converting all those beautiful pumpkins into prime material, I decided that my first attempt to #PUMPKINEVERYTHING would be these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls but my own free spirit and what was available in the pantry insisted that I add my own spin. The Dough Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls – […]


How to Use a Sun Oven plus a Giveaway


Why we got a Sun Oven We already own a Sun Oven. We decided to invest in one after our first $300 dollar electric bill. Summer had hit us hard and I had taken heavily to baking breads in my cast iron Dutch oven and wanted to do something about reducing the bill. We started […]


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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch and How to Roast Pumpkins for Freezing

Last weekend we were able to steal enough time away from the farm to get to a Pumpkin Patch. As a child, I had never been, and as I grew up wanted this to become something my family would do together each fall but in our old home town had never really found the time […]

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Excalibur 9-tray Dehydrator Giveaway!

An Excalibur dehydrator is on every homesteader, gardener and prepper’s wishlist. It is the elite when it comes to dehydrators! Several of our members have come together to purchase one of these great machines and give you the opportunity to win an Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator with a 26 hour timer. This model sells for $349. […]

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Deer visits the Homestead

  Deer visits the Homestead It’s not uncommon for us to see deer on the side of the road as we drive out of the city to the homestead past the state park, but today a deer made it into our neighbors yard. Panthers and Bobcats and Deer, oh my Living in Miami, it never […]

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Thermal Cooker Giveaway

I am really excited today about being involved in this thermal cooker giveaway! We are proud members of a group of bloggers who like to show readers how to use different preparedness items. This Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker works very much like a slow cooker. It comes with two stainless steel pans with one lid that fits right inside […]

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Eggs: Organic Cage Free vs Homegrown Free Roaming [Homesteading Challenge]

At first when we got the chickens, it was for the Beekeeper’s sanity.  We had chickens back in Miami but had to give them away due to issues with the city and his aging mother’s forgetfulness (she would forget she wanted them, then ask why we gave them away).  So when we got to The […]

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Ten Drawbacks of Moving to the Country and Why You Should Do It Anyway!

It’s been over 6 months since we moved to the homestead and I must admit it hasn’t all been Unicorns Poop and Butterfly Farts.  Some days have been challenging and have brought me to realize that these things wouldn’t happen if we had stayed in the city. So here’s a list of the drawbacks we’ve experienced […]

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How to Store Garlic

Why should you keep Garlic in your pantry? Not only does it taste amazing, but each tiny garlic clove also hides a treasure trove of beneficial effects.  From boosting the Immune System to lowering blood pressure to reducing cholesterol. It also contains beneficial trace minerals such as: Manganese: 23% of the RDA. Vitamin B6: 17% of the RDA. Vitamin C: […]

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This Week On The Homestead & Our First Homestead Blog Hop

This Weekend on The Homestead This weekend on the homestead it was business as usual, which came as a welcome relief. We didn’t have company or any errands or any adventures to go on outside of our little house.  All this made for a busy and productive respite from the everyday. Hubby was working hard […]

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