The Swarm Before The Storm Finds a Home


You may recall, The Swarm Before The Storm back in March, when the Beekeeper took our little red Toyota to rescue a swarm that was considering making a home of some decorative bushes across the street from Ace Hardware. This weekend, during a short break in the rain, Hubby and Mr. Red Pickup, headed over […]


Our Homestead Beginnings: Aerial Photography


We had a rare opportunity this weekend.  A friend came to visit and took some some Aerial Photography of our fledgling Homestead with his Quadcopter Drone. You can see the city reaching out to envelop us, and we fear there will come a day when it will be upon us. Our three acre field currently houses just […]



A Walk on the Homestead

It had been far too long since our last walk on the homestead, so this week we woke up early and took a lazy stroll to see what was new. I was rather happy to find that Hubby planted a heap of Basil. I am looking forward to a big batch of pesto with pine […]

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Avian Flu (H5N2) Recommended Precautions For the Backyard Farmer

This morning on my drive to work, I was listening to an NPR update that consumers should expect egg prices to rise in the few months due to the Avian Flu.  The proceeded to go over the details and interviewed a Small Poultry Farmer with a flock of 500 and detailed the precautions he was taking. Although, the […]

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Confessions of an Un-Socialized Public

‘The Blynd’ by Plastic Vacuum Forming: From Box to Build

 A Review  Since we moved to our favorite little Ghost Town named Fort Lonesome, I have been very interested in hog hunting.  So, from the beginning, I had been looking at hog hunting blinds and studying the different styles and construction.  I had seen ‘The Blynd’ by Plastic Vacuum Forming in several applications and was very […]

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A Bee Removal Story: Bees Under the Neighbor’s Shed

So over the weekend, during our pig roast, one of neighbors mentioned he had been planning to relocate some bees from under his shed and he asked if we would help out. He had already built a beautiful Top Bar Hive from plans he found online , but wanted a more experienced hand to help out during […]

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How We Roast a Whole Pig

This weekend we held what we hope to be the first of many Annual Community Pig Roasts. (Full album of photos here.) It was a great success mostly because everyone in the community came together, brought what they could and shared a good time.  We are lucky to live in a place with such wonderful neighbors […]

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‘The Hoginator’ by Bartee Outdoors

 A Review  One of the reasons we moved so far out away from the city was our personal decision that we wanted to be more self sufficient and subsist from the land.  So for several months now, I have been hunting and trapping wild nuisance hog and am looking forward to my first deer season.But as time […]

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Expandingthegoatherd (3)

Thoughts to Consider When Expanding Your Goat Herd

This week we received an offer we could not refuse. We were given the opportunity to essentially triple our goat herd.  Over the last few months, our herd dwindled to just three via the trading acumen of The Beekeeper.  Leaving us with our buck, Pepillo, aka “The Goat Who Thinks He’s a Dog” and two sweet ladies, one […]

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How to Handle Emergencies on the Homestead

Over the weekend, we had a bit of a scare.  We are very much into preparedness and handling our own emergencies but this weekend we faced a challenge that really put our emergency preparedness to the test. On an otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon, as our family sat down to have a quiet dinner a piece of artichoke […]

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Spring on the Homestead

I am still trying to get over the fact that it’s already April. Mid April EVEN! Spring has sprung and our famous Florida Rain is getting started. We hope to get our garden done this weekend or at least the beginnings of it. Hubby and I have a laundry list of things we want to […]

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Homesteading, Homeschooling and Using ABCMouse.Com

Our son is way ahead of the curve in a lot of ways.  He knows how to read, he knows how to write, though he does it mostly on the walls. He very much enjoys anything to do with learning so, for Christmas, my husband and I agreed a membership to would be something we thought […]

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